Why should you trust Home Sale Advantage?

We are matter of fact, up front business people who are ready to help. Home Sale Advantage uses real estate agents as subject matter experts. Not to sell your home, but to get the facts about the market in the area, learn fair value of the house and the best options for you. Our process is transparent from the model we use to the money we offer you. You work with us as we work for you with no hidden agendas, brokers, or middle men. 

And before you go  thinking you’ve heard this before, you need to understand that not every company is the same. 

What should you be wary of?

Many companies and individuals advertise that they will buy your property for cash. Beware! Often, they do not actually have the cash. Instead, they want you to sign over the right to sell your home to make a quick flip to someone else, for a profit. If they are unsuccessful at assigning it, you have no recourse. Do not fall victim to this!


1. Don't accept what is called an "assignable contract". If the cash buyer wants the contract assignable, that’s a clue they do not actually have the cash to buy your home. Home Sale Advantage will never ask for an assignable contract.


2. Make sure you get earnest money up-front. This protects you and helps to verify the buyer can perform. This is a normal part of our process. 


3. Ask the buyer to show you proof of funds. This protects your interests because you will see with your own eyes that your buyer is serious. We can show you the money, up front and in full.

What about repairs needed for your home?

You don’t need to make ANY repairs. Take the items you want and leave what you don’t.  We will take care of everything else from there. 

You are already listed with an agent, can we still buy your home?

Not a problem. Your agent can call us directly and we will work it out with them. 

What will it cost you to sell my home to Home Sale Advantage?

It will cost you nothing! There are no commissions to pay, no closing costs, no penalties etc. We will even pay the property taxes for the balance of year beginning the day of the sale. 

How fast can we close?

That is totally up to you! You can stay in your home if you like, or we can have your cash within a week. The choice is yours!